A lot more than 50 shades of grey.

I paint in hundreds of greys… you may even see some black and white in my work. When you observe life as a painter does, you see more. You just do. A zebra is much more than just black and white. There are many light greys and almost white whites. There are many dark greys and almost black blacks. The highlights, shadows, and textures are all needed to really tell the story of a particular zebra. It’s the same with snow. I could never paint a convincing winter landscape without lots of greys. Zebras in many greys

In my work, the darkest darks often have a little something extra deep inside. Flat black is boring. Bright white has little to say. It’s everything in between that keeps our interest. Have you ever noticed that people who see the world in terms of black and white think they have the answers? And they love to tell you their concrete opinions too? It’s always this way or that way. Rarely is their view in shades of grey. Conversations with them are boring. You have to listen to a stream of opinions on their view of our world.

The many shades of Snow in Vermont.

Most artists see a whole lot more. Paintings, like life, should have texture. Paintings, like our personality, have layers. In art school, we always wanted to draw and paint weathered, old faces rather than fresh, young models. I am not very interested in just adoring art. Tell me a story! Does your art say much about the passion you put into your work? If it does, great! If it doesn’t, start over. Work faster. Work more. Make lots and lots of messy marks. Get physical. Be daring. Don’t aim for perfection. Don’t be boring. Be awesome!

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