Artist Statement

Art is work. All my art is the direct result of energy, persistence, skill, and determination. This is when I feel my true self is alive and thriving.

Call it “in the zone” as many athletes do, but my time spent creating art is always the best of times… even when it’s the worst of times.

Each of my pieces tells the story of its construction. See the brush strokes and the drips. Catch the light on all of the straight and the swirling scratches etched on the surface. Allow your eyes to follow the long lines left by squeegees. All this is done in layers that are difficult to discern. To me, it’s all about the craft and the energy of the moment. I try not to plan too much.

I don’t pretend to make grand statements about places and things. I simply wish to work at my work, knowing in the end, my art tells the story of a man and his craft. And isn’t that where style develops? I can’t plan my style. It comes from the work itself. It will be interesting to see where I go. We’ll see after countless days of work. I hope people enjoy looking at my artwork.