Bruce Springsteen told me sometimes 1+1=3.

About half way through Bruce’s 2018 Broadway show, he tells his audience about getting 1 + 1 to equal 3. It’s art, not science.
I can tell early on if this is going to be a 1+1=2 painting or a 1+1=3 painting. It takes sustained energy and enthusiasm to make 1+1=3. It doesn’t happen every day. Don’t artists live for the 1+1=3 days? That’s when the magic happens. That’s when we produce our best work. We’re in the zone. Work flows, love is present, time stands still.
I long for this zone toward the end of a painting in the hope that I can somehow tie it all together and breathe new found energy into the piece. But truth be told, it’s the beginning that most needs the magic of 1+1=3. Then I have something really worth working on. Something that really adds up.

Landscapes in Ink
Patty’s Place I, 17″ x 28″, India Ink.

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