Frame it, you’ll be glad you did.

Have you been invited to one of these yet… “Spend an evening creating your very own painting with friends. Raise money for a good cause. Drink wine. Take home an original.”

These painting nights have become popular. One of my friends recently indulged. Her post painting story… “My painting isn’t very good but I had fun.”

A while ago, I spent a long overdue evening painting a model. I attended a figure drawing/painting class for anyone desiring to sharpen their skills. No instructor, just a live model and a heated room (and no wine). My post painting story? “I didn’t have enough time to finish my painting and the work reminded me of how rusty I am.” Art school and figure drawing are decades in my past.

Should my friend frame her painting? The answer is yes, the sooner the better. She’s going to keep her painting. She likes showing it and telling her story. I think she has a better reason to frame her painting than I have for framing mine. By the way, when I say frame, this means frame AND hang.

My post painting story could be one of frustration and unmet expectations. But it’s more a story of nostalgia. Revisiting the nude after such a long time off brought me face to face with my skills and my limitations as a figure painter. It wasn’t fun, however it did bring me back to a time when I was learning a lot about painting with lots of like-minded students. Sometimes I miss those days. Should I frame my painting? The answer is yes, the sooner the better. I’m going to keep my painting and why not tell the story should someone happen to ask?

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