Free original art… and what’s good design?

The place where art and engineering meet has always been a place I enjoy. There is a natural beauty to objects whose form is the result of the object’s function. That’s why most jet planes are beautiful to watch, especially while they are doing their job. It’s also why 300 year old cathedrals are still beautiful today. Their vaulted ceilings and flying buttresses hold up massive weight while projecting a spectacular aesthetic because they are functioning perfectly. I dare you to find an office building today that can do the same thing.

That’s also the reason covered bridges stand the test of time. Their lattice joints and pegged timbers are designed to hold their weight and carry traffic. No extra decorations, just engineering and good materials that function perfectly.

Occasionally, I am asked to create a painting of a covered bridge. My response is usually a hesitant “maybe”. I mean, art is a personal vision inspired by your experience or the subject you’re observing. If I have top notch engineering in front of me, how does my painting portray that? You have to tackle the whole setting: how the bridge fits into the landscape, where the light is hitting, are you above or below the bridge? Trying to capture the full length of the bridge rarely results in a pleasing composition. Am I going to disappoint the person requesting the covered bridge art? Perhaps. I am sure my art will not match their expectations. Thus my hesitant, “maybe”.

Want it all?

I have recently created a piece depicting the Scott Covered Bridge in Townshend, Vermont. It’s a wonderful place to visit. Only foot traffic is allowed so no worries if you have little ones with you. You can swim and fish. My brothers and I use to jump off the bridge for cool dips on hot days. Here’s the thing, I have placed my 9” x 12” original art (mounted on wood panel) somewhere on the bridge. Go for a walk and see if you can find it. If you do, give it a good home. Original art is an important part of a home and every artwork has a story. Just let me know when you have it, my email is on the back. Good luck. Oh, here’s a clue: X marks the spot. THIS PAINTING WAS FOUND JUNE 3. CONGRATULATIONS LORI.

I’m hidden somewhere in the bridge. 9″ x 12″.

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