Very old sign as you get close to the treehouse

When I was a young teenager, a husband and wife built a tree house up on the mountain above our village of Townshend. Southern Vermont had it’s share of hippies and this house in the trees was host to a couple of them. The man was an elementary school teacher and his wife was… I don’t know. I do know now that she is the sister of Vermont artist Charlie Hunter. They lived in the trees for several years.

The tree house always intrigued me. I was one of six kids and this abode in the sky seemed like a great place to escape to. Upon returning to the place during my college years, I found it abandoned, dilapidated, and not quite as glorious as I had remembered. I took pictures that snowy day, did some sketches later, and never really paid much attention to it again.

It’s always been a fun story and a bit of a landmark because it’s just off a hiking/snowmobile trail.


Some evidence of life back then

Recently, I pulled out an old drawing of the place that I drew back in art school. I recreated the piece in the India ink washes I work in now. It’s 9” x 12”, mounted on wood panel and really looks nice. Something I’d typically exhibit.

So here’s the thing… I just hiked up to the old tree house (not much there but some metal scraps) and hung the art in a nearby ash tree. The art is there for whoever wants to go get it. Lots of locals know the spot.

The art is protected from the weather and faces north, away from direct sunlight. And, if you do bring it down, please give it a good home. Original art is an important part of a home and a family. Like all originals, this one has a story to tell.


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