Co-creating with your materials.

“Locusts and White Pines in Vermont” 24″ x 36″, India ink on Yupo paper

I can surely say I got lost in the woods creating this piece. I really didn’t know where I was going(with my art). At first glance I saw a wall of trees with the sunlight reflecting off the bark. The low angle of the sun allowed it’s light to penetrate well past the edge of the woods. The scene seemed to scream out for attention while whispering a dare, “Just try to capture what I have on display at this moment. Hurry, I’ll only hold this sunlight for a few minutes this late in the day.”
I love the beauty of early spring. Nature lays herself bare. She’s mostly hard edges and unfiltered sunlight. Just right for a guy with a bottle of ink and a dish of water.
A friend recently told me that great art is the artist co-creating with his materials, not creating in a sterile environment. Said another way, “Allow your materials to do what they do. Give your medium permission to whisper or scream and know it won’t always go as planned.” Be open to little accidents becoming little wins. Your painting may be filled with little unplanned wins. They arrive on the wings of spontaneity fueled by enthusiasm and constant work.
“Locusts and White Pines” was the result of very little planning. In fact it was a big risk. I have not painted a scene like this before. It could have gone bad in a big way. It didn’t. I sure had doubts when I was lost(artistically). I’m happy I let my materials help me find my way. Thanks to you India Ink and my wide assortment of grubby brushes, squeegees, and steel wool. It was kinda fun in the end.

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