Let’s not call it quiet desperation.

Rock River Artist Exhibit, South Newfane, VT

Pink Floyd has a song with the lyrics about living a life of “quiet desperation (is the English way)”. Sometimes life as an isolated artist makes you feel like the central character in that song. Thankfully, I have my art group. Three years ago I was voted into this band of talented contemporary artists centered here in Newfane and South Newfane, Vermont. We are the Rock River Artists. Our focus has always been our annual studio tour which is the third weekend of July. It’s a big weekend to prepare for. People visit the space I work in. I share my inspiration and perspiration. And I sell a few pieces to folks who love original art.

Three days ago, our group got together for a meeting and then toured the studio of fellow member Deidre Scherer. Sure, we spent time planning our July weekend, the necessary PR, the needed high res images, the money needed, and who will do what as the studio weekend approaches. But once this was done, the important stuff happens. We all visited Deidre’s studio where she showed off what’s next in her art life. It was a wonderful time. Her talent is first rate, her studio is wonderful, and her current work is as surprising as it is recognizable. It is on first glance totally new. At the same time, it looks like where she’s been aiming for some time.

This is why I joined the Rock River Artists. It’s for the community. It’s for the dialog. It’s even for the (constructive) critiques. So please pay us all a visit if you are in our area on July 20-21 this summer. We’d love to share our not so quiet desperation with you.

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