Me, joining an Artist Collective?

A few weeks ago, I was visiting Mitchell Giddings Fine Arts in Brattleboro, Vermont where Petie Mitchell introduced me to a woman who is determined to bring a lot more fine art and excellent craft into our area of southeast Vermont. Her name is Kay Curtis and she has created a new Artist Coop called Harmony Collective. It’s at 49 Eliot Street in Brattleboro. There are 25 artist right now with a goal of 31 in the near future.
So what got me here? Simply my decision to say yes and get in the game rather than stand back and create more art alone on a hill in Vermont.

Like many small towns in our country, Brattleboro is experiencing an obvious increase in homeless people and people requesting money in our small downtown. It has steered lots of people away from spending time on and around our Main Street. I can’t solve that problem, it’s complex. But I can contribute my time and talent to help keep Brattleboro the vital arts community it has been. Numbers count. More people visiting our downtown to shop, to dine, to see a movie or a play, to see art, to be with one another – it all serves to keep our culture alive and growing. We all know, if you ain’t growing, you’re…

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