Start an art collection for under $10.

Two nights ago, I had a long visit with a well established artist friend living here in southern Vermont. We chatted in his studio about art, kids, food, and poker. Then he took me through a couple rooms in his house. Hanging on his walls were original paintings by artists he knew nothing about. They were all a complete mystery to him. At first this felt sad. Then he told me he and his wife only collect original art they find at yard sales. This, coming from an artist who receives thousands of dollars for his originals. Yet his own collection consists of art he bought on the ultra cheep. “I love these treasures!” he told me. Each one had a story and each one intrigued him aesthetically. I enjoyed his enthusiasm. Right there, I decided to revisit two paintings in my collection that I had picked up for next to nothing at a local tag sale.

Mystery paintings on my wall.

I love these two little pieces. I too know nothing more than the artist name (J. Field), and they were framed in New York City by Art Associates. That’s all I can tell anyone. My limited research has revealed nothing more.

So now when my friend comes by my home, I can tell him virtually the same story he told me. “And these two little pieces came from nowhere for practically nothing, and I know nothing… aren’t they wonderful?”

Have fun collecting art!   Steven

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