Try a painting workshop

“Quick Paint Still Life” Oil. 8″ x 10″

Last week I spent two days at a plein air oil painting workshop with David Lussier. I have long admired David’s landscapes. His color palette is beautiful and his brushwork among the finest and most confident I have seen. I was pleasantly surprised that there were only five artists in his class. Perhaps David was hoping for more but five was just fine with me. More attention from the teacher.
There is something about the shared energy of a group of painters, together but independently all trying to accomplish the same thing. Support is authentic. Shared joy washes over the group. The work is king, no shortcuts, no excuses. Time flies and soon you have an original that never existed before. I loved it!
So next time you have the opportunity to create art alongside other artists, please dive in. It’s difficult fun that can at times feel like too much work… until the work is through and it ended way too soon.

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