Why I Love Original Art

On my wall.

Anyone can buy a French Impressionist poster, and many people do. But nobody comments, “Where did you discover that artist, his work is amazing.” Or “Hey, did you know Monet?”

Reproductions are fine but the story ends right where it began. “I bought it at the mall.” just doesn’t captivate anyone.

On the other hand, original art can be expensive. And often, there is good reason for this. But don’t be fooled, one of a kind art can be found on the cheep too. There may be some secrets to getting great deals but I think it’s more about just loving the art you choose.

So, do you choose the art because you love it or do you love the art because you chose it?

Which makes a better story for your curious guests? In our home, paintings from accomplished landscape artists live alongside art from street vendors found in Budapest and Peru. Which story is better? You decide.

Painting 1: This old farm is at the base of Mount Mansfield. It’s on the way to my favorite hike here in Vermont. The artist, Mark Boedges, told me about the challenges of creating this piece.

Painting 2: This painting is done on dried llama hide. The two figures represent the river and mountains just to the north of Machu Picchu. You should have seen my mother in law haggling over the price.

The stories of purchasing (or trading, finding, uncovering) art cheep can be just as interesting as the tales of acquiring the pricy pieces. In the end, art is not just a possession, it’s a story.

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